Weekly Summary(20161107-20161111)

  1. Work completed list

-continued observing classes, with the emphasis on ASL and bi-lingual language learning.

-ordered some Chinese textbooks, CSL books, Chinese specialties and teaching aids on Amazon. This is funded by Confucius Institute.

-have got familiar with the Google system and found it very effective and interesting. -took part in Question&Answer twice, communicating with the primary school students.

-worked with Wendy to have a social studies class for HS students which topic is to explain how Chinese people elect their president.

-interviewed two speech therapists after their classes.

-interviewed a deaf teacher about IEP.

Some Statistics Data of Classes Visiting

4 days
each lesson varies from 25min to 1 hour
morning announcement for all, lessons for kindergarten & preschool, lessons for elementary school, lessons for middle school and  lessons for high school
activity classes (morning announcement, children’s house, SMART, advisory, multiple handicaps and Montessori), reading aloud, language arts, ASL, math, social studies/science, transition, history, social studies, technology, chemistry, art, PE, elective


  1. Work planned list

-to help some teachers to give lessons to students of different age.

-to spare some time to study ASL on line.

-to go on with classroom observation and to get familiar with all the staff here.

-to attend an important meeting in Confucius Institute.

-to finish all the paperwork for salary and house-rent subsidy.


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