Weekly Summary(20161101-20161104)

  1. Work completed list

-came to MDS and started my new job.

– browsed MDS homepage to get some information. A 2015-2016 annual report was downloaded and read.

-met with Susan and sent the tree leaf painting from my deaf university students to MDS as a special gift.

-ordered some books and teaching aids from Hanban. These donated things are free but perhaps we have to wait several months to get it.

-did a three-and-a-half-day classroom observation.

Some Statistics Data of Classes Visiting

3.5 days
27 lessons
each lesson varies from 25min to 1 hour
1 morning announcement for all, 2 lessons for kindergarten & preschool, 11 lessons for elementary school, 6 lessons for middle school and 6 lessons for high school,1 for hearing people
6 activity classes (morning announcement, children’s house, SMART, advisory, multiple handicaps and Montessori), 2 reading aloud, 5 language arts, 2ASL, 2 math, 1 social studies/science, 1 transition, 1 history, 1 social studies, 1 technology, 1 chemistry, 1 art, 1 PE, 2 elective


  1. Work planned list

-to make sure how much funds I can spend for the teaching aids and classroom decorations, then order them on line.

-to get familiar with the Mac book and learn how to use it effectively.

-to learn how to use the American multimedia classroom.

-to go on with classroom observation and to get some information of inclusion education and speech therapy here.


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