Do you have interest in China?

In these days I am busy with observing classrooms.I have visited many different classes and tried to get involved in it.
Every teacher and student here is polite and easygoing. When I entered their classroom, everybody made a self-introduction. They fingerspelled their Enlish name first, followed by their name signs. And I introduced myself in the same way.
Sometimes I sat behind the children and just watched them. Sometimes I answered their questions about China. Sometimes I taught them to write their Chinese names. Once I drew a picture of my Chinese dream–blue and white porcelain, propitious cloud, Butterfly Love and peach blossom…
What impressed me most is that after American president voting, a deaf teacher invited me to give a lecture on how Chinese people elect their president. Wow…Really a challenge to me! The abstract notions of politics are not easy to explain with my poor ASL. So I tried to add some blackboard-writing, pictures and pantomime. I think I can do much better on another topic.
It’s just a beginning and the wonder will be lasting…


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