Weekly Summary (20161114-20161118)

1. Work completed list
-Given a successful reception to Consul General Mr. Hong Lei and Education Counselor Ms. Chen Yinghui for visiting MDS.
-Taken part in two lectures given by Mr. Hong at St. Cloud State University.
– Continued observing classes and had Q&A for 4 times.
– Added much more new information to the WordPress blog.
-Some of the teaching aids arrived school.
-Taken over a deaf-studies class for an absent teacher.
-Read something about American deaf education history.

Some Statistics Data of Classes Visiting
4 days
13 lessons
Each lesson varies from 25min to 50min
4 morning announcement for all, 2 lessons for preschool, 2 lessons for elementary school, 5 lessons for middle school
1 Bilingual class, 4 ASL, 1 social studies, 2 technology, 1 speech training

2. Work planned list
-To put an application for Ipad as teaching aid.
-To discuss with Kathy about the working goals for the future
-To contact with two interpreters on CSL training.
-To prepare for my new lessons of December.
-To read some more literatures on deaf education.


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