A family member of MDS

Now I have been in the United States for one month. During this time, my American colleagues are all very nice to me. From everyday life to work, they afforded great help to me so as I can settle down and found my feet quickly. For example, I am a loyal user of Windows system but I have to change my habit because they all use Macbook here. But after my colleague’s guidance, I soon got it. Every day I am working in a happy mood. Just feel like home. I think this is because the universality of deaf culture can go beyond races and countries.

In the first two weeks at MDS, I primarily was observing the classrooms. I also tried to participate in them, such as answer questions from the students, draw a Chinese picture with other children, teach the students to write Chinese characters, and so on. When Mr. Hong Lei visited our school, my students showed some CSL signs to him. It is a miracle!

As the first deaf teacher assigned by China government to go abroad, I feel very honored. And I am so glad and proud to be the cultural ambassador between the deaf group of China and the United States. I also feel the responsibilities on my shoulder. I will fulfill my duties to do a good job in my own teaching, as well as pursuing further breakthrough in deaf education and sign language research.

Maybe one year later, many of the deaf children here will be able to use Chinese sign language to have a chat, to write some Chinese characters (maybe some hard-of-hearing students can even speak a little Chinese), to understand Peking Opera, the Great Wall, the Yellow River, the roast duck, the silk road… While many Chinese deaf children and youths also will be able to get more and more information from the United States, the most developed country throughout the world, so as they can develop a broader field of vision and believe in themselves to do what hearing people can do. I would be very happy to see these results.


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