Weekly Summary(20161128-20161202)

  1. Work completed list

-Formally started my teaching as a Confucius Classroom teacher.

-Discussed with Susan and Wendy for two times about the teaching plan and teaching method.

-Began to teach some CSL words in morning announcement once a week.

-Translated the news report of The Star Tribune into Chinese and forwarded it to Kathy and some Chinese workmates.

-Worked with Amanda to make a video on comparison between ASL and CSL, then shared it on facebook.

-Worked with Lisa, Debbi and Alex to discuss the feasibility of teaching Chinese painting, Chinese handwriting and some simple spoken Chinese.

-Got a big cabinet in my office and put all the teaching aids into it.

-Learned how to use Ipad and downloaded some apps for learning ASL.

-Watched a play with caption <A Christmas Carol>.


Teaching Arrangement for the First Semester

Grade Class Teacher Time
Kindertagen 1 Amanda Fri 11:45-12:35
1 1 Sara Tue 9:30-10:10
3 1 Cindy Mon 12:15-12:35
4 1




Tue 12:15-12:35

Wed 12:15-12:35

5 1 Michelle Thu 12:15-12:35
Middle School 1 Amanda K Tue 1:35-2:20





Thu 12:45-1:35

Fri 8:55-9:45

Fri 10:35-11:25

High School 1 Kristin R Wed 9:23-10:13


Wendy Mon 10:16-11:09

Mon 11:09-11:59


  1. Work planned list

-To get further understanding of the students’ basic information so as to take corresponding teaching strategies.

-To discover a effective teaching plan for so many classes and students in diversity.

-To make some reflection on ASL learning.

-To help with MDS with the report submitted to Kathy for Board meeting in China.

-To write the year-end summary required by Hanban.






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