My daily teaching has started!

After more than three weeks’ classroom observation, I started my formal teaching on Nov.28. There are a lot of books and teaching aids in our Confucius Classroom now. And the stock will become larger and larger in the future.

Each week I teach 18 lessons in all. My students’ grade differ from Kindergarten to High School, which is a challenge to me. In MDS, there is not many “pure deaf students” and you can find most students multi-handicapped. So it is not surprising to meet with a child who has autism or is deaf-blind in the classroom. In other school, the teacher can arrange their courses according to the students’ age and grade. But this doesn’t wok here. I spent a lot of time to interview every teacher and have a meeting with Susan on the teaching plan. After each class, I will take notes and write down the reflections that flashed in my head. So I am becoming more and more familiar with these children now.

Before I came here, I thought that the students maybe like CSL much better than written Chinese. But to my surprise, they love writing Chinese characters so much. They are willing to spend a lot of time to copy it little by little. Every Chinese characters may looks like a painting or a poem to them.

When I attend the morning announcement, wait in line to buy lunch or just go by the classroom, some children will say hello to me and sign my name or show the CSL signs to me. What fun!



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