Weekly Summary(20161205-20161209)

  1. Work completed list

-Continued with my daily teaching and got more familiar with students from different classes. Kathy has provided some valuable advice especially on multi-hadicapped students.

-Continued to work with Amanda to make videos of ASL&CSL. It’s very important to her students because their language development is far more slower than their peers. I have shared them on my Facebook.

-Help Kathy translate part of her report on disability topic for board meeting in China.

-Prepare the CC working summary to Jilin Education Department with Melissa.

-Did some reading on Pro-tactile ASL, Deaf-President-Now and history of Gallaudet.

  1. Work planned list

-To work with Lisa to build up a co-teaching program on Art for different grades.

-To discuss with the three ASL teachers in MDS about the feasibility of compiling a ASL&CSL handbook.

-To look up for every students’ files so that I can take corresponding strategies.

-To write two seperate summaries to Confucius Institute and Chongqing Normal University for the Christmas break is coming.


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