Weekly Summary(20161212-20161216)

  1. Work completed list

-The daily teaching was getting on well and some students even hug me or ask me to teach them something actively. And I also got some nice feedbacks from different teachers and Susan said that I am doing a great job.

-When I was teaching CSL in Amanda’s class on Tuesday, an expert came there and observed our classroom. This is the first time for me in MDS since no one has visited my class before.

-I started teaching Mandarin from this week on. For the first time, I introduced basic knowledge about Chinese Pinyin and four tones to two HS boys. One of them has a excellent pronunciation! The speech training teacher Alex was pretty satisfied with my work.

-I have got a honor of “Chinese national civilized family” and my family was interviewed by President Xi Jinping, which lead to a series of media reports and caused much echoes in Chinese deaf community.

-I have run into the wrong classroom for one time this week. So I take some time to walk around the whole school, interviewed all the teacher and took notes. Finally I drew a map of MDS which shows every classroom and office matching with the staff’s names clearly.

-I attended a lecture on CHARGE syndrome by my colleague Kelly and learned some medical knowledge from it.

-The ASL festival was held in MDS successfully. I observed it and gained some enlightenment from it.


  1. Work planned list

-To get more familiar with the digital resources of St. Cloud State University library, especially some popular databases.

-To read more books on Children’s ASL learning and deaf-culture-storybook.

-To meet with Kathy and talk about some recent news in China.

-To visit a Chinese deaf family in New York City during the Christmas break. Maybe some other deaf persons through their introduction.


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