Weekly Summary(20161219-20161223)


  1. Work completed list

-The communication between MDS and Changchun special education school has just begun. I asked Teacher He to take some pictures of students’ daily life and a video clip of greetings in CSL. When I got them and showed them in class, the students are so exciting. And the children of 4th grade also had a video in ASL which will be sent to Changchun later.

-Kathy observed my CSL-teaching class on Tuesday morning. As the Director of CI and a former teacher for the deaf, she gave me some professional advice.

-The reporters of China Daily interviewed me on the topic of Confucius Classroom at MDS.

-I met with Kathy to discuss our job for the second time.

-Some students of Middle School are doing a project on deaf school in China. I provided some information and typical schools to them.

-I met with the MDS board members on Monday evening.

  1. Work planned list

-To confirm the details about conference held in Gallaudet and the lecture invitation from Agape in next spring.

-To assist with Kathy and Susan to choose students who will visit China and build closer relationships with them. It’s quite necessary for us to learn sign language from each other in advance.

–To visit a Chinese deaf family in New York City during the Christmas break. Maybe some other deaf persons through their introduction.



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