Weekly Summary(20170103-20170106)

  1. Work completed list

-The winter break has finished but the first semester still lasts. No time to go over or have test. This is very different from the situation in China. We do everyday teaching the same as before. My teaching topic in this week is “Happy new year”.

-I worked with Lisa for much more time in this week. We do co-teaching which requires many preparations. She is an art teacher but sometimes she teach social class, reading aloud and children’s house. It is very nice to work with her because she is experienced in educating the young kids. I taught “Panda” to the Kindergarten kids on Friday.

-A parents’ meeting was held on Tuesday evening at MDS. I shared the video of the meeting to Kathy so she can fully get the points. Three students and their parents came. There are another three yet. They will  make decisions before next Thursday.

-There will be a two months’ ASL free lessons in the school and I registered. The lessons is once a week on Tuesday evening. But I think I will miss some of them if I go back to China in March.

-I cooperated with Jenny(an ASL teacher who is deaf) to make a video of basic number handshape comparison between CSL and ASL. It is an interesting form of Deaf Culture.

  1. Work planned list

-To make sure how many students will visit China in March and get familiar with them, then make some plans for the activities in sister school.

-To observing two elementary classrooms at Sunny Hollow Montessori School with Susan.

-To work with Susan and Melissa to confirm the celebrating plan and the teaching schedule for the next semester.



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