Weekly Summary(20170109-20170113)

  1. Work completed list

-Taught the first Chinese character writing lesson to MS students and Kathy came to visit it.

-Visited Sunny Hollow Montessori School and learnt something about the special teaching mode.

-Made a schedule for Chinese New Year’s celebration and had a meeting with Susan and Lisa to discuss all the details.

-Got the final seven students’ name list for travelling to China, which includes 5 boys and 2 girls.

-Had a third meeting with Kathy to discuss short-term tasks.

-Made another video of 1st Grade as a gift to Changchun Special Education School.

-Collected some pictures on Deaf culture via Google and found that there are many potentials for Chinese deaf people to create them too.

-Made a brief working summary to Wang Xiaoyan at Hanban and got her high appraisal.

  1. Work planned list

-To work with Susan and Melissa to develop the teaching schedule of next semester. It is said that I am going to teach the 7 students who will travel to China everyday. And I have some unique ideas to carry out.

-To teach knowledge about Chinese New Year to all the students at MDS.

-To rehearsal the Chinese dancing and Tai Chi performance for Jan.26th.

-To finish the massive paperwok from Chongqing Normal University.


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