Weekly Summary(20170116-20170120)

  1. Work completed list

-Taught the knowledge of Chinese new year to the whole school. We original plan for celebration in Jan. 26. But Susan think it will be better to change the time to February so we have more time to do preparation.

-Buy some stuff for celebrating Chinese new year, such as big Chinese knots, poster of 福, golden coin chocolates. There are still something that we can’t find in local Chinese markets. They are to be bought on Amazon.

-Made a Chinese-style wall outside my office. Many colleagues and students appreciate its decorations.

-Popularized Chinese paper cutting in classes and both the younger kids and the elder students enjoy it. I made several papercuts and posted them on the window of MS classroom and Chinese wall.

-Discussed with Kathy about the itinerary of the visit to China. Then contacted with Chongqing University to confirm the date.

-Wrote a draft of the activity plan for sister school and shared it with Kathy and Mandy. It is still to be deeply discussed.

-Read the book that translated by Confucius Institute of St. Cloud State University and wrote a list of the translation error.

-Mandy told me she will cooperate with me to do the HS teaching in next semester. We worked together to figure out how many classes we can have before the seven students go to China and after they come back. But my other teaching schedule is not decided yet.

  1. Work planned list

-To work with Melissa to figure out my final teaching schedule for the next semester.

-To discuss with Mandy to decide what and how we teach CSL and Chinese culture.

-To have a video meeting with Kathy, Cheri, Melissa and Mandy on the schedule of training the seven students for the coming interview.

-To end up the first semester and write a brief conclusion.


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