Weekly Summary(20170123-20170127)

  1. Work completed list

-Taught some basic knowledge of Beijing Opera to the students throughout the school. Some students learned a little steps, actions and long sleeve skills.

-Taught four girls of 5 grade Chinese dancing. Hope that they can perform in the Chinese New Year celebration party.

-Made some video to explain Chinese New Year together with the 1st grade students and put them on AURASMA APP. Everyone in MDS can use Ipad to scan the pictures on the Chinese wall to view the video. This is also a kind of interactive teaching.

-Translated the news report from China Daily into Chinese and shared it with Chongqing Normal University and National Hanban.

-Went on working with the 7 students’ preparation for visiting China.

-Make a brief teaching schedule for the HS students’ Chinese class.

  1. Work planned list

-To work with Mandy to discover the best way for co-teaching for HS students.

-To prepare for the introduction to Chinese deaf education in February and March.

-To meet with a Chinese teacher in  Minnetonka School for a personal talk.

-To convey Chinese New Year’s blessings to the workmates.



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