Weekly Summary(20170130-20170203)

  1. Work completed list

-The new semester has started now. My teaching schedule has changed. Still many classes. In this semester we will focus mainly on HS students who will travel to China. So I made a special teaching plan for them to grasp the basic knowledge of China and CSL as much as possible before their departure. I will still teach the children in kindergarten which is a bigger challenge to me(one boy with autism and one girl with attention deficit).

-Since it’s still Chinese new year time now, I taught the students of several classes paper cutting. They made many window-flowers and posted them on the window of classroom.

-Give each of the 9 students a Chinese name and take videos of their self-introduction in CSL. Both Mandy and Cheri have their Chinese name, too.

-Kathy and Zhou Lixin came to visit my dancing class on Thursday. It is the first time for Director Zhou to come here and visit my work.

-I have learnt how to use Aurasma and apply it to teaching practice.

-I observed Winter Carnival on Feb 1. It is a great opportunity for the kids to interact with the hearing volunteers.Many details are worthy of we Chinese learning.

-Melissa and I gave a presentation on our Confucius Classroom to the Agenda from Mary Cashman-Bakken for the SDHHN COP meeting. It is the first time I use ASL in public. I know my ASL in still not good enough but Susan and Melissa were satisfied with my speaking and Q&A.

  1. Work planned list

-To work with other teachers to organize some HS students to watch the Chinese performance on Feb 9.

-To make a periodic summary of reflection on co-teaching with Mandy.

-To do a very important task for Chongqing Normal University ( It is can be seen as a kind of paperwork which required a lot of time ).

-To figure out how many students can get their passports before deadline and decide the schedule of the whole March.

-To celebrate Chinese New Year on Feb 10 ( It need much preparations so Susan postphoned it ).


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