Weekly Summary(20170206-20170210)

1. Work completed list

-Taught the knowledge of Chinese lantern festival to the whole school.

-Taught Tai Chi to some teachers every morning.

-After a long time’s preparation and practice, we finally held the Chinese new year celebration successfully which was highly evaluated by the students and the teachers. The kids signed to me, “I like you!” “Thank you!” “I love China!” The teachers said in Emails, “Super fun today!” “You are so graceful.” “You did a fabulous job.” ” Everything was amazing! ” And some people posted the photos to their Facebook.

-Watched a great Chinese performance with two teachers and seven kids from MDS. The interpreters impressed me very much and I accidently had a chance to show my CSL song there. I believed Mr. Hong Lei has noticed it.

-The HS students are more active in my class now. This week I cooked some Chinese dishes and brought them to school. They can accept the taste of preserved egg, 🙂

-One girl give her hand-made paper house to me as a gift. I also give the poster cards and bookmarkers which I bought in China to some kids(by drawing lots).

-Began to have my ASL class. It is taught by Jenny and my classmates all have a little ASL basis. It did give me some help.

-Only two of the students has got the passports by deadline so Kathy has to postphone their trip in March. 

2. Work planned list

-We need further discussion on the students’ delegation. I will adjust my teaching schedule according to the negotiation between CI and MDS.

-To discuss with Mandy to get our co-teaching better.

-To clear up all of my teaching aids because the new year has finished now.



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