Weekly Summary(20170213-20170217)

  1. Work completed list

-Since there is Valentine’s day during this week, I introduced a famous Chinese love story “Butterfly lovers” and taught the kids to play with the Chinese paper fan. I have made a verbal agreement with a deaf teacher that we will make a comparison video of CSL&ASL on this story.

-I have had a meeting with Susan and Melissa about the trip of China and the CC work in the future. And they came to my class to inform students of the schedule change.

-The celebration was reported by a newspaper in Chongqing and it was promptly copied by some other websites.

-I have attended the ASL class for the second time and went on finding some uniqueness of deaf teacher Jenny.

-I assisted Kathy in writing a proposal to Jilin Hanban to discussing the delegation.

-Feb 17 is the inservice day. No class but teachers have to discuss with each other about professional subjects. I joined one group of the three to discuss some issues on sign language interpreting and English teaching towards deaf students. I shared some informations about Chinese deaf education with them and pointed out we both faced with the similar problems.

  1. Work planned list

-To discuss and make final decision about my schedule in March.

-To give a presentation in Saint Paul College at Rania Johnson’s invitation.

-To prepare the PPT for the presentation at March 30th.

-To guide HS students to Shanghai Market to do shopping as a teaching practice activity.


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