Weekly Summary(20170221-20170225)

  1. Work completed list

-I had a presentation in Saint Paul college to introduce deaf community and CSL. The audience are ASL interpretation students. Two deaf teachers from other colleges came, too.

-This week I and Mandy tried more co-teaching approaches. For example, when we compared the media in the two countries, Mandy spent much more time than before. When I introduce WeChat, some students took out their smartphones and began to download it. When we taught Tangram Puzzles, we led students to computer lab and played online Tangram games. On Friday we even went to Shanghai supermarket to do shopping. Mandy and I bought some snacks at our own expense and shared with the nine students.

-This week Jenny is teaching facial expressions in ASL. Many hearing people feel it very hard. But I think it’s rather familiar. Because I have read some literatures on mouthings and expressions before, such as “cha” and “puff”. At that time I wasn’t quite clear in spite of the picture illustrations. But now I see how Jenny explain it and understand.

-National Hanban asked us to fill the form of our working condition and I finished it.

-Every teacher who is in charge of the 7th class need to watch HS students’ going home. I joined in this activity.

-I taught Kindergarten kids to dance like butterfly with a Chinese fan. They enjoyed it so much that some kids sign “fan” to me when they left school in the afternoon.

  1. Work planned list

-To prepare for the short trip to CQCU and meet with Kathy to discuss some issues face to face.

-To prepare the slides for the two presentations in Washington DC.

-To help with some cultural interchange between the MDS students and deaf students of my university.


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