Weekly Summary(20170227-20170303)

  1. Work completed list

-I have mainly finished with some important working tasks from CQNU which consumed a lot of my time in the past few weeks.

-There are lot of interesting activities in this week because of the “Reading Across America”. The teachers and students wore strange clothes, even pajamas, wear different hats, put on animal headwears, etc. All these add much fun to our campus life. And I think it is a great component of American school culture.

-In this week I can obviously feel the students are much more familiar and active with my teaching even the Kindergarten kids. We can really PLAY now. The topic of this week is spring outing-flying kites and butterfly dancing.

-Jenny taught the spatial elements in ASL this Tuesday. She used a lot of strategies, for example, ask the students to describe the decorations and furnitures in a room. Surprisingly, her teaching methods are as the same as mine when I taught CSL in China. We both put emphases on these spatial elements and different classifiers.

-Kathy came to visit my HS class. The topic of this class is 孝(filial piety),which is very different from America. My original teaching plan is more on the practical information in China, for example, the difference  of the weather, food, money, shopping between two countries. But now we don’t know how long we will wait for the trip. So I have to adjust my schedule and add many cultural discovery.

-I have received a public service advertisement video from China, which I have even participated in before I came to the US. And my students all watched the video and felt shocked when they found me in it.

-I have checked my schedule from next week to the spring break with Susan and sent a mail to inform all the cooperation teachers about my time.

-I didn’t have much communication with other teachers and paras in lunch time but now are making some progress. I can chat with them in ASL on some common themes, such as child-raising, foods and shopping.

-I taught eyes exercises to the HS students and they enjoyed it very much. They feel very curious why Chinese students must do it every day. I told them some knowledge about Chinese traditional medicine and how to protect our eyesight.   

  1. Work planned list

-To discover the possibilities of cooperation between China deaf education and US deaf education.

-To have more meetings with Kathy for future work.

-To teach HS students Chines Kung Fu.


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