Weekly Summary(20170306-20170317)

1. Work completed list

-I taught martial arts(Kungfu) to HS students and they are all very interested in it.

-I taught Chinese “eye exercises” to almost all the students in MDS. The aim is to call their attention to take good care of eyesight. Eye exercises are so unique that they are very happy to practise.

-I have done some slides to introduce Chongqing city and sent them to MDS board.

-I travelled to China for one week together with Director Kathy. When we stayed in Destroit, we have a unexpected nice meeting with another CI director John Brender. After arriving in Chongqing, we had a positive interview with president of CQNU, visited CQNU international Chinese training center and special education department. What’s more, we had a successful presentation to the students and it affected them so much.

-I have visited nation CSL research center in Bejing Normal University and shared my life in the US with them.

-I spent a special St. Patrick’s day in MDS and got some inspirations from Sara’s class. She made the whole classroom in a mess and told the students that Irish leprechaun has come! And then the teacher and the students worked together to write a letter to the bothersome leprechaun. Very interesting.

-I have taught HS students how to do an international trip, such as taking an international flight, stay in a good hotel etc.

-In art class, I collaborated with Lisa to manage a student group. Since the content has nothing to do with China, it is a small challenge for me. But it also can give me some experiences in dealing with such small kids.

-I have taken some CSL videos of CQNU students to MDS and shared them with the kids. It is a kind of cultural interchange.

2. Work planned list

-To prepare with the two presentations in Washington DC.

-To make some small adjustments to my teaching plan to match with the updated schedule.

-To write a essay on sign language for contribution in China.


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