Weekly Summary(20170320-20170324)

  1. Work completed list

-I have finished the ppt for the two presentations in Washington DC.

-I introduced the knowledge of Chinese tea to the students in MDS. I showed them videos of tea ceremony, taught them the CSL sign variants for “tea” and brought some tea for them to try. Some teachers also came to join us.

-I have reached a consensus with the two ASL teachers in my office on working together to build a comparative

corpus of ASL and CSL. Now I am working on setting up a word list, then phrase and sentence.

-With the help of my colleague, I made a long rubber band for HS students to play with. Rubber band skipping is a famous traditional game in China which I played everyday when I was a little girl. I think many Chinese traditional games can be introduced to American children. Even in nowaday China, these games are declining because of the modern medias such like smartphone and Ipad.

-The ASL classes for the hearing have finished. Although it is not enough for a learner(only half an hour per week), the teaching method of Jenny still gave me much inspirations.

-I helped a news media program in Chongqing to translated the interview records on our CC into English captions.

  1. Work planned list

-To make a word list for constructing comparative corpus between ASL and CSL.

-To fly to Washington DC to attend 2017 interpretation and translation research symposium and will do two other invited presentation on sign language and deaf education in DC. And I also will meet some old and new friends there.

-To watch a play in Washington DC with Professor Xiao. After negotiation with the theatre manager for a long time, we finally can enjoy the sign language interpretation service, which we both are very interested in.


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