My trip to Washington DC: a Deaf dream in Gallaudet

  1. I had a presentation in CI US center together with Director Kathy.  At that night, I met with some CI Chinese directors and had good conversations with them.
  2. I attended 2017 Interpretation and Translation Research Symposium.  This is the first time for me to attend a international conference in real sense.
  3. I have visited Gallaudet campus with my Chinese friends. I came to the archives where a Chinese student works as assistant and her director showed me the books and documents in it. Not every visitor has this kind of chance.
  4. When I stayed in DC, I was warmly welcomed by the Chinese deaf community there. Xu Hongyou, the second Chinese student in Gallaudet’s history, who is over 60 years now, gave me several books on ASL and deaf education.  Yiming is my close friend and I stayed in her home for five nights. She led me to everywhere and introduced many Chinese students and one deaf-blind American woman with MA degree to me. On Wednesday night I enjoyed hotpot with many Chinese students in Yiming’s house. In Gallaudet I also meet with a Korean friend. We have known each other in China and now very excited to meet in the US.
  5. I had a presentation in Maryland Chinese community successfully. It is invited by Agape Association. The audience included alumni associations from Beijing University, Qinghua University, Fudan Univeristy and Wuhan University. Several reporters interviewed me before the presentation. The leader of Agape, George Yu, is very enthusiastic. He and his wife also made two big cakes with my names on them.
  6. The meeting with the deaf-blind friend made me more anxious to learn knowledge about tactile sign language and introduce American deaf-blind education experiences to China. And after I enjoy the wonderful performance in Ford’s Theatre, I am interested in stage sign language interpretation, too.

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