Weekly Summary(20170410-20170414)

1. Work completed list

-After the spring break, we got back to work. I continued to teach the students Chinese traditional games,such as kicking shuttlecock, throwing sandbags, clapping hands and hopscotch.

-One news media have interviewed me and Kathy in Chongqing. After the video was released, I uploaded it to YouTube so that more people can understand our deaf CC program. Some of my colleagues said that they enjoyed it, too.

-I and Mandy are working together to vary the teaching forms to the HS students. We tried several different ways, such as watch movie, group discussion and spring outing. I feel like we still have many things to learn before the summer break.

-An ASL interpreter who have met me for one time before asked me about some CSL signs. I sent her the demonstrating video of mine by email. And we will meet in the near future to discuss more about sign language interpretation.

-On Monday night, the fire alarm went off in my apt but I couldn’t hear it until 15 minutes later my Chinese neighbor mentioned this on our WeChat group. Luckily enough, it was a fake alarm. But it was really dangerous-what will happen if the fire really broke out while I am not aware of it? The next day I went to the rent office and they promised to set up a flashing smoke alarm for me. On Friday they have finished installing it.

-I met Kathy on Tuesday afternoon. With the help of a Chinese interpreter, we discussed the working plan in the next two months.

2. Work planned list

-To make a working plan for the future.

-To develop a CSL&ASL corpus research schedule and share it with CI and MDS.

-To introduce the CSL number game (just like ASL ABC game) to the students.

-To translate a latest news report into English.


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