Weekly Summary(20170417-20170421)

  1. Work completed list

-I have learned the new school song-Cheetah song. It is longer than the old one so all of us need time to practice.

-I attended activities of the National ASL Day at MDS in honor of Amy Hile and collected some information about her on internet. It’s obvious that she played a very important role in American bi-lingual deaf education.

-In order to teach Chinese fingerspelling to my students, I discussed with a deaf student from CQNU whose parents are deaf too. We worked together to develop a single CSL word for each alphbet sign. It can help our students remember these different handshapes more effectively.

-In order to help a Chinese peer with her task of editing sign language dictionary for English class teaching, I asked my colleagues at MDS to afford some information on ASL sign terminology on English teaching, such as “attributive clause”, “reflexive pronoun” and so on. There are a lot of fingerspelling in ASL but no so much in CSL, which made a great difference. We can’t copy the American mode directly.

– This week I introduced knowledge of Beijing city and the evironment in China. Other one hand, I showed the beautiful sceneries throughout China. On the other hand, I also explained about the serious pollution problem in recent years. I told the students that London and Los Angeles have the similar lessons  as China. It took them 30-50 years to make their environment clean again. So we need patience and we should believe in the future.

  1. Work planned list

-To have a presentation in St.Cloud State University.

-To meet a ASL interpreter friend and interview her.

-To make a video of CSL fingerspelling.

-To sort out my stuffed laptop.


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