Weekly Summary(20170424-20170428)

  1. Work completed list

-I taught the CSL signs for feeling and emotion to students. All the pictures presented are cute babies which made our students laugh a lot. Some kids even copy the facial expression and the movement of the babies.

-Two hearing teachers came to MDS to access the teaching. They stayed in my class for about half an hour and seemed to be very satisfied and interested in it.

-I and my students in Chongqing have finished the video on CSL ABC words.

-I have many communication with Kamy’s parents, who are deaf. Kamy is a elementary school student from San Diego CI. She is a little CODA. Her parents shared many useful information to me and I mailed them a CSL textbook written by me.

-I came to St.Cloud and had three presentations on our deaf CC program in university and high school.

-I met with an ASL interpreter Nella to have dinner together.

  1. Work planned list

-To teach CSL fingerspelling to students.

-To teach Kamy Chinese Sign Language via video clips.

-To figure out the arrangement in June with Kathy.


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