Weekly Summary(20170501-20170505)

  1. Work completed list

-I have taught the CSL fingerspelling to all the students of MDS. It is hard to learn a new fingerspelling system. Very easy to get confused. Need time and practice.

-I tried to use Chinese character flash cards as teaching aid to HS students. I found some problems and made reflections.

-Sherri invited me to visiti the University of Minnesota and I had a presentation in the deaf culture class there. The students enjoyed it so much that my 30-minutes’ presentation was prolonged to one hour.

-I have booked the flight back to China for my summer break.

-One Chinese hearing university student who has part-time job in the nearby restaurant asked me if he can find a volunteer job in MDS. I asked Susan and gave him information.

-In this week I used VP for the first time. It is quite clear to watch and very user-friendly.

-Kamy’s father shared a lot of information on sign language with me via Email. I taught them how to sign “happy birthday” in CSL because Kamy’s birthday is in this week.

-The google system throughout Minnesota was attacked by hackers so we all had to change our passwords. Our normal teaching were infuenced to some extent.

  1. Work planned list

-To visit a mainstreaming school in St. Paul.

-To work with Jenny to make a video on ASLwords derived from fingerspelling.

-To teach broadcasting gymnastics to the students of MDS.

-To receive a new roommate whose major is deaf education and will stay with me for 3 weeks.


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