Weekly Summary(20170508-20170512)

  1. Work completed list

-I have spent a wonderful night on the boat with MDS families. We chatted, danced and enjoyed Chinese foods. I had a few new friends on this day.

-I helped Kathy to arrange the schedule of delegation in June.

-I taught broadcasting gymnastics, Chinese traditional painting and Chinese dish cooking to the students. I am happy to see the drawing of the kids. HS students and other colleagues are very satisfied with my egg fried rice.

-I worked with Jenny to do two videos on ASL fingerspelling and ASL 123 story.

-I gave the HS students a task to explore the DIY trip in China. But it seemed that they are not familiar with the internet resources and need much help. We will follow it up in the next week. This is a big project.

-I have introduced Confucius to the HS students. I shared his life-story, his achievements and his famous sayings.

-On May 12th, I introduced the famous Wenchuan Earthquake which happened on May 12th 2008 in western China to our students.

-I have visit Debbi’s class on speech therapy. Now I am clear about the basic speech training method in MDS.

-I watched a modern dancing performance with Lisa.

  1. Work planned list

-To apply for a research project on ASL&CSL corpus and language comparison in CQNU.

-To interview my new roommate for some new information about the deaf education in the US.

-To teach the students CSL 123 stories.

-To work with my colleagues in CQNU for Amy’s visiting and presentation in June.


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