Weekly Summary(20170515-20170519)

  1. Work completed list

-I have finished teaching CSL number signs and 123 stories to the students and have taken a video of a little girl’s signing CSL number before the Chinese culture wall.

-I have taught blow plum blossom painting to the students. Now I have many paintings from HS students and kindergarten students. Interesting comparison.

-I have finished filling the application form for a research project in CQNU. The topic is “Linguistic comparative analysis based on corpus of ASL&CSL” and I invited two American teachers to join my team.

-I visited Falcon Heights Elementary school, a mainstreaming school which is near MDS. I visited their morning reading, maths class and speech therapy class.

-I and Mandy examined the HS students’ CSL fingerspelling for two times and they made rapid progress.

-Spreadthesign, a website that focus on  collecting various sign language throughout the world, have contacted me and ask for permission to share the link of my CSL fingerspelling words video to their website.

-Some staff and students began to show more enthusiasm to China culture. In this week, a para teacher asked me if I can give her a red envelop and told me she did Chinese Broadcast gymnastics at home everyday.  The little kids from 3th and 4th grade asked me what the Chinese characters on their fans mean.

  1. Work planned list

-To make an English words list and negotiate with Jenny to see if it is possible to finish the video making before the summer break.

-To watch a play which has both sign language interpretation and captions.

-To teach the students some famous children games from China.

-To arrange the stuffs in Confucius Classroom and ready to turn over to the new teacher.


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