Weekly Summary(20170522-20170526)

  1. Work completed list

-In order to promote the communication of deaf education between China and the US, I have started a video-taking project with the permission of MDS. I will take videos of the class by American teachers here and share them with Chinese teachers so that they can learn more teaching skills oriented to deaf students and see the amazing sign language proficiency of American hearing teachers.

-I have introduced Shanghai to HS students and they were shocked by this modern big city. One boy said he is very interesting to take the Maglev Fast Train and to visit the underwater tunnel.

-Sherri, a deaf teacher from university of MN visited my CC class and had communication with the HS students. She also gave me an ASL book as gift.

-The semester will end soon and I returned all the books borrowed from MDS library.

-I watched a play Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery with Rania at Guthrie Theater. There is ASL interpretation and English captions at the same time.

-I visited Stillwater town with a new deaf friend. I bought a baby sign language book there.

-Two of my MA students has passed the dissertation oral defense and will gradute soon.

-I have watched the video of my son’s learning CSL under the direction of deaf university student. I gave the students some feedbacks and will go to visit their class after I come back to Chongqing in June.

  1. Work planned list

-To package my stuff and ready to move out of the apt.

-To continue with the video taking of MDS classes.

-To teach the Dragon Boat Festival to the students since the festival is coming.

-To write a brief working summary to MDS.

-To negotiate the details of June delegation with Kathy.


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