Weekly Summary(20170529-20170602)

  1. Work completed list

-Tuesday is Dragon Boat Festival. I taught this special Chinese festival to our kids. It is a pity that I can’t provide rice dumplings to every class.

-In this week I tried to tell a famous story-the Race Between Hare and Tortoise, in morning announcement. The children are familiar with that story so they can fully understand.

-The high school students enjoyed some Chinese food bought from 99 club Chinese restaurant. They loved them very much.

-I have taken many classes in this week and will continue with this work in next week. Most teachers teach wonderful in front of the camera, especially Jenny and Lisa. They are all experienced teachers.

– I also interviewed a deaf teacher, Debbie Virnig. She described her experience of travelling to China several years before and answered many questions which Chinese deaf education peers are interested in.

-I have taken a video of Sophia, who is very skillful in language switching. When she attend my class as a para, she usually understand me very quickly and is good at turning CSL into ASL, her mother language. I collected three Chinese traditional stories and asked her to sign them in ASL. She did quite a good job!

-I visited Lifetrack together with Cadance. There I met with many nice people and get some information of Hands & voices and the Deaf Mentor Programs.

-I have met Sherri and introduced much information of China to her. She also provided great help in my moving.

-I have written to Danielle Ricci, the Artistic Director of Borealis Dance, after I watched their performance. I said I enjoyed their modern dancing and suggested that they can take a video of deaf dancers. She is interested in it. Maybe I will follow with this work in this fall.

  1. Work planned list

-To finish my teaching in MDS and go back to China.

-To finish all the video taking of  classes, interviews and ASL stories.

-To make a PPT of conclusion to MDS.

-To meet with Kamy and her deaf parents in Los Angeles.


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